Sony xperia z private number

Sony Xperia XZ Accessibility settings

Tap to display the dialpad. Enter the country code, the area code without the initial zeros, followed by the phone number.

Blocking restricted / anonymous calls | Sony Xperia Z

Then tap. Scroll through the list of applications and select Direct dial. Select the contact and the number that you want to use as the direct dial number. To show or hide your phone number during outgoing calls Find and tap.

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Select help topic Basic use. Change settings.

Getting the most from EE

Read help info. Step 1 of 7 Find "Additional settings" Press the menu icon.

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  • Step 2 of 7 Find "Additional settings" Press Settings. Step 3 of 7 Find "Additional settings" Press Call settings. Step 4 of 7 Find "Additional settings" Press Additional settings. Step 5 of 7 Turn your own caller identification on or off After a moment, the current settings are displayed. Please note: You can stop receiving sales calls or block a particular number from calling you.

    Sony Xperia – How To Block Calls From Unknown Callers & Individual Numbers

    So, how is this done? Kindly follow below steps. That is all, calls from unknown callers or callers who hide their identity will no longer be received on your Sony Xperia phone.

    To block calls from an individual phone number or contact on the Sony Xperia phone, you will need to use the Xperia phone application used for making calls. So, calls from any number or contact which you have added to the auto reject list will be automatically blocked.