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BlackBerry Pearl 81xx users want to employ xpixel wallpapers; Pearl Flip users want x; Curve 83xx, BlackBerry 87xx and 88xx should use x backgrounds; Curve owners want x; Bold users want x; and Storm 95xx devices have x displays. You should pick your wallpaper accordingly. You can employ pictures and graphics that aren't sized perfectly for your device as background images by navigating to the image of choice, via your Media icon, selecting Pictures , then All Pictures and clicking on the image you want to use. Next, hit your BlackBerry Menu key --which is located directly to the left of your trackball--and choose Fit to Screen.

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Your image may appear disproportionate, but it will at least span your screen. Get better use out of your BlackBerry and keep up-to-date on the latest developments.

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It's a good idea to save images that you plan to use as home screen backgrounds to your device memory. This helps to ensure that the image remains set as your background after a hard or soft reset , battery pull or memory card switch. However, I like to set my image preferences to save all pictures taken with my camera to my external media card, so the small amount of built-in BlackBerry device memory doesn't fill up too quickly.

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To choose the save location for images taken with your camera, open the Camera app, click the BlackBerry Menu key and select Options. If you choose to store all images on your media card, you'll want to move the files you use as home screen images to your on-board memory, for the above mentioned reasons. To do so, simply open the image you wish to move, click the BlackBerry Menu key and choose Move. Next, click the on-screen Device Memory folder and pick Move Here from the menu that appears. Your image will then be saved to your device.

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After you've located the picture you want to use and saved it to your device memory, it's time to set it as your BlackBerry home screen image. First, navigate to the appropriate image within your BlackBerry Media icon, as described above. If you saved the image in the correct location, you should see it there. The next time you return to your BlackBerry's home screen, you'll see the new image.

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And if at any point you want to return to the default home screen image, simply navigate to any picture, click your BlackBerry Menu key and choose Reset Home Screen Image. Former CIO. Playstation Portable. Xbox Series Windows CE. Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Windows Mobile Smartphone. Live Wallpaper Drops Sponsored Links: Freeware Downloads: Like it?

making up: Amy Winehouse wallpaper for Blackberry Curve 8520

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