Can i reinstall google maps on my iphone

From the location information panel, tap on the blue car icon and Google Maps will work out a route to the location. This is a great replacement for your Sat-Nav, although keep in mind that Google Maps uses a lot of battery while in this mode.

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Use your finger to pan the image, and tap any on-screen arrows to move in that direction. To return to the default maps view, just tap once on the screen to show the grey menu bar, then tap the back arrow in the top left corner. The app will now save the map data locally for you to access offline. Split into six chapters, the book covers basics from talking to Siri and setting up email accounts, to advanced tuition including splitting the keyboard in two and editing photos. Discover everything you need to know about iPhone 5s, with this in-depth eBook guide. Share This. You May Also Like. Sign in.

You can then check out where you've been. I signed in on a borrowed Galaxy Note 4, so the only thing it had tracked was my location at the office.

iPhone owners on iOS 12: You can now use Google Maps on Apple CarPlay

If you'd rather not have your Android phone tracking your location, go back to Your timeline and tap on the three dots on the upper-right corner. To delete all your location data, scroll down to Location Settings and tap "Delete all Location History. If that's okay with you, check the box next to "I understand and want to delete" and then Delete. To ensure that Google no longer stores any location data, you'll have to play around with your phone's settings.

Under your phone's main settings menu, you can find your device's location settings.

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You have the ability to disable location services for specific apps or to disable all location services for the entire phone. Be advised that many of your phone's apps and services will be unusable at this point. Instead of disabling half the services on your phone, you may prefer to install a virtual private network VPN in order to keep your activity and data private. There are plenty of services to choose from for your Android device. Like on Android, select the hamburger menu, and tap Your timeline to see recent locations.

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To wipe a location out of your history, tap the three dots on the top-right and tap "Delete the day. Google typically tracks your location whether you are using an app like Google Maps or not. But you can set your phone so that this happens only when you're actually using the app. If you typically use Google as your search engine, it might be a good idea to switch to Bing or DuckDuckGo. This will disable Google Maps and Apple Maps from giving you proper directions on your phone. If you'd prefer not to disable all these features on your phone, installing a VPN is a great way to keep your activity and data private.

There is a great selection of VPN services available for iPhone. You can also clear your history from a desktop. Go to Google Maps and sign in to your account. Select Menu and then Your Timeline. You'll see every place you've been while Google Maps has been with you. You can delete just one day by selecting the day on the top left and clicking the garbage-can icon.

To delete your entire location history, go to the Timeline, click the gear icon on the right side of the screen, and select "Delete all Location History. How to Delete Your Snapchat Account.

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